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Comes with Extra Ammo, T-Shirt & 1929 The Bangster Magazine

[Choice of 1920 Tin Trade Sign or Baseball Cap with 15FC, 155MM, 16F's & 11P's only]

6F Light Field Cannon

9"L Single-Shot.  Grey Cast Iron or NEW! Aluminum


10FC Junior Field Cannon

New! Large Wheels for Civil War Cannon Design. 


15FC Major Field Cannon

25"L 1776 Continental Army Design. Best Seller.


60MM Military Cannon

9"L  Intro. 1958.  Grey Cast Iron or NEW! Aluminum  


105MM Military Cannon

17"L Featured on  Pawn Stars - "Three Hour Tour"  


155MM Military Cannon

25"L Ammunition storage is in Charger Receptacle. 


11PR Bombing Plane

11PR Bombing Plane - 1929 Design


11PY Bombing Plane

12"L 1929 Design in Yellow Brass.


5TY Motor Tank

5TY Motor Tank - 1941 Design


5TR Motor Tank

10"L 1941 Design now in Red Brass


16F Siege Field Gun

23"L Vintage Replica - in Aluminum! 


16FYB Golden Brass - NEW!

23"L Magnesium Bronze 1917 Design. 


16FRB Red Brass Cannon

23"L Ammunition Storage in Powder Box. 


16MM Siege Field Gun

23"L  Military Green in Aluminum!


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