Vintage Artillery Toy makes U.S.A. Salute 

           No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick • Safe and Sane

                                   Outdoor Fun since 1912

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*For the first time ALL 5 issues of The Bangster Magazine we published in 1929 are NOW Available!  FREE reprint with the purchase of any BIG-BANG®.

"Gas Gun" Patent

Lehigh University assistant professor of physics patented the "Gas Gun". Patent no. 874,952 dated December 31, 1907. We started up in 1912 as Gas Cannon Company. The name was changed to Toy Cannon Works in 1916. Revised in 1924 to the current The Conestoga Company. Manufactured and Assembled in U.S.A.


U.S. Flag or T-Shirt

NEW! Premium Nylon U. S. Flag 3 x 5 FT with Bright Vibrant Color and Brass Grommets for Indoors and Outdoors. Durable USA Flag for Outside (2x Breeze Style). Proudly fly this U.S. Flag when you fire your Big-Bang® Cannon for a Patriotic Salute. Choice of FREE U.S. Flag or T-Shirt with the order of any BIG-BANG® Cannon.


Bangsite® and Spark Plug

Bangsite®, Water and a Spark create a Big-Bang® and Flash of Light. Bangsite® and Spark Plug = 100 Shots. Water is the key component and used for entire firing session - pour out barrel when finished. BONUS Bangsite® and Spark Plug with the order of any BIG-BANG® Cannon...get 200 total shots!


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Made in U.S.A.  

Bangsite® = 100 Shots

Bonus Bangsite® and Spark Plug with any Model


Big-Bang® Cannon Cap

Free Selection with Biggest Models


1920 Advertising Sign

15FC, 155MM, 16F's include Sign or Cap Free 


Big-Bang® Safety T-Shirt or U.S. Flag

T-Shirt or U.S. Flag included with any Big-Bang® Cannon


9" L 6F Light Field

1929 Design Now in Aluminum


17" L 10FC Junior Field

New Smooth Trail and Large Wheels 


25" L 15FC Major Field

Continental Army 1935 Design Best Seller


17" L 105MM Military

Featured on Pawn Stars "Three Hour Tour"


25" L 155MM Military

New Solid Axle Supports 1958 Design 


Family Pack Combo - 9"L

Breech Loading Twice the Fun


Family Pack Combo - 17"L

Automatic Loading Rapid Firing


Family Pack Combo - 25"L

Big Sellers Make Biggest Bangs


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