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Start up a new tradition or continue an old one! 

The Conestoga Company's Big-Bang® Cannons are a great way to Celebrate July 4th and all events! A safe alternative to consumer fireworks, Big-Bang® Cannons have been in production since 1912. Made in USA to last a lifetime. 

Big-Bang® Cannons are safe and easy to use.  Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a spark is all you'll need to get a loud bang with a realistic flash of light.  Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide.  There is no recoil or kick.  The safety features make Big-Bang® Cannons a fun toy for kids 7 to 70+!    

There are Big-Bang® Cannons currently in use that have lasted over 90 years!  You won't find many products today that have lasted so long and still work.  We offer a money back guarantee.  Free USA Shipping with Rush Delivery Available. Also we ship internationally to practically every continent!       

We're on History's Pawn Stars ("Three Hour Tour" - Season 5, Episode 39) and American Pickers ("California Streaming" - Season 5, Episode 12 and "Grin and Bear It" - Season 5, Episode 28).....check your TV listings for reruns.


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