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1907 Patent > 1912 Start-up

Lehigh University assistant professor of physics patented the "Gas Gun". Patent no. 874,952 dated December 31, 1907. Business started up in 1912 as Gas Cannon Company. The name was changed to Toy Cannon Works in 1916. Revised in 1924 to the current The Conestoga Company. Early models were breech loading. Automatic loading models introduced in 1935.


Generational Appeal

The appeal of a Big-Bang® Cannon is simple - a scale-model toy cannon that makes a loud bang and flash, but has no recoil or kick. A favorite from generation to generation. Safe alternative to consumer fireworks - Great fun at outdoor gatherings - Display piece & collector's item - Patriotic gift for special occasions or events. For Safe & Sane Celebrations.


Key Product Facts

Bangsite®, water and a spark create loud bang and realistic flash of light. Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide - 100 shots per tube. Same water used for entire firing session - pour out front when done. Spark Plug is our specially made flint. Noise level comparable to an M-80 - see Decibel Chart. Our Parts fit current and antique models. Easy to Operate.


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9" L 6F Light Field

New! Aluminum Barrel for Bigger Bang


17" L 10FC Junior Field

New! 5 1/4"  Wheels for Civil War Design 


25" L 15FC Major Field

1776 Continental Army Design


9" L 60MM Military

New! Aluminum Barrel with Tractor Tires


17" L 105MM Military

Fired on Pawn Stars - "Three Hour Tour"


25" L 155MM Military

Heavy Duty Artillery -  Counterpart to 15FC


Bangsite® = 100 Shots

Free with any model for 200 Total Shots


Bangsite® 3-Pack

Ammunition - 300 Safe Shots


Spark Plug 3-Pack

Ignition. Specially made flint. 300 shots.


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