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              No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick

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Big-Bang® Cannons

How They Work

A few grains of Bangsite® mixed with Water, Fresh air and a Spark produces a BIG-BANG and Realistic FLASH OF LIGHT.


Why They Are Popular

Backyard Patriotic Blast. Generations of Family Fun. Cocktail Party Start-Up. Great Gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays and Holidays.


For What Ages

7 to 70 and over. Parental Supervision for younger ages. Safety Features include No Recoil or Kick; No Matches Required.


 Extra 100 Shots, T-Shirt, 1929 The Bangster Magazine included

[Choice of 1920 Tin Trade Sign or Baseball Cap with 15FC, 155MM, 16F's, 11P's only]


NEW! Aluminum 6F

9"L Lightweight, Rust Free, Bigger Bang! 1929 Design. 


10FC Junior Field Cannon

17"L New! Large Wheels for Civil War Cannon Design. 


15FC Major Field Cannon

25"L 1776 Continental Army Design. Best Seller.


NEW! Aluminum 60MM

9"L Lightweight, Rust Free, Bigger Bang!  1958 Design.


105MM Military Cannon

17"L Featured on  Pawn Stars - "Three Hour Tour"  


155MM Military Cannon

25"L Ammunition storage is in Charger Receptacle. 


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