Frequently Asked Questions

• How do Big-Bang® Cannons work? Bangsite®, water and a spark create loud bang and realistic flash of light

• What is Bangsite®? Pulverized calcium carbide

• How many shots in a tube of Bangsite®? 100 shots

• How often is water replaced from chamber of cannon? Same water used for entire firing session-pour out front when done

• What is a Spark Plug? Our specially made flint (component of Ignitor/Breech Block firing mechanism). 100 Shots

• How loud are they? About as loud as an M-80..."Bigger the Cannon, Bigger the Bang" - see Decibel Chart at top of page

• What is your best seller? Model No. 15FC Major Field Cannon 

• How much is shipping? Free USA Shipping ($10 Rush Delivery Available)

• How fast do you ship? Usually same day up to 3 business days from receipt of order

• Do you ship internationally? Yes, $50 USPS Priority Mail International

• Shipping to Canada? USPS Priority Mail International (Cannon) or First Class Package (Accessories) - $15 

• Are Big-Bang® Cannons Made in USA? Yes, in Allentown, Pennsylvania

• How old is my Big-Bang® Cannon? See "Cannons" under "Products" drop down at top of page for info

• Do I have an antique model? See "1929 Toy World Ad" under "Information" to verify your model is an antique

• How to Clean Cannon? Warm Water, Vinegar and a Wire Brush will remove film/residue (lime) from casting 

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