Patented Scientific Invention

The Conestoga Company's Big-Bang® Cannons have always been based in Allentown & Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

In 1907, an assistant professor of physics at Lehigh University patented the "Gas Gun" (patent no. 874.952..December31, 1907). The value of this invention as a sane toy and a safe alternative to numerous consumer fireworks injuries became readily apparent. In 1912, a business was started manufacturing Big-Bang® Cannons. They quickly became a favorite among kids of all ages and have remained so ever since.

The company was originally called the Gas Cannon Company.  In 1916 the name was changed to Toy Cannon Works.  In 1924, the name was changed to The Conestoga Company.

The early years consisted entirely of Breech Loading Cannons.  Also, replica planes, boats, tanks and pistols were manufactured. Other products included a Giant Roller Coaster, Ro-To-Top, Spinning Top, G-Gun and Field Glasses.  In 1935, the current (and best selling) line of automatic charger loading cannons was started.  In 1958, the company introduced its green military cannons, which features rubber wheels with an Army look. Vintage design continues for all models.

BIG-BANG® Cannons are still made in Allentown, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County).


Big-Bang® Cannons only used with Bangsite® Ammunition. The Conestoga Company assumes no responsibility for abuse or misuse of its products.

Any alteration or modification of a Big-Bang® Cannon is strictly prohibited.

All children under Age of 16 should have Adult Supervision.

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