Safety Features

Bangsite<sup>®</sup> Put a small amount of water into the cannon's chamber, add some Bangsite® and then close the chamber. Wait a few seconds for gas to form, then push down the firing pin and get a BIG-BANG!


Safety Features

No gunpowder is used

No matches required

Bangsite® cannot be ignited by the hottest flame

No recoil or kick

Concussion cannot explode Bangsite®(Pulverized calcium carbide)

Bangsite® is permitted to be shipped by mail without special markings

Big-Bang® Cannons won't fire heavy projectiles. Putting objects in the barrel will only inhibit the full effect of the cannon's blast.

A Safety Demonstration

Publicized in chemical and scientific periodicals, the BIG-BANG® Cannon serves as a teaching tool in many high school, college and university classrooms throughout America.

Suggestions on keeping your Big-Bang® Cannon ready for action

Store Bangsite® in a dry/non-humid location. Wash out with water after use. Warm water and vinegar will remove white sediment (lime) from cannon.

When ordering Bangsite® for your cannon, also get our specially made Spark Plugs. One Spark Plug should last about as long as a tube of Bangsite®, which produces about 100 shots.

If the cannon doesn't fire

Make sure you've added the correct amount of water. Check the firing pin to make sure that it creates a spark. The chamber should be completely closed when firing. Blow into the Ignitor opening after every shot to clear any remaining gas which will create the best condition for the next shot.

Check the Spark Plug in the Ignitor and replace as necessary.


Big-Bang® Cannons only used with Bangsite® Ammunition. The Conestoga Company assumes no responsibility for abuse or misuse of its products.

Any alteration or modification of a Big-Bang® Cannon is strictly prohibited.

All children under Age of 16 should have Adult Supervision.

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